From small parts, to sampling, to large-quantity orders, we carry out cutting, bending and turning of aluminium. These are all bar machining processes conducted by our specialised machines after a careful check of the machining program created using our software.

We also produce semi-finished products for precision mechanics and fittings, and provide certification for our products.


Milling, combined with our numerical control centres, allows us to carry out very intricate machining processes to very exacting tolerances. For this reason, when requested by our customer, we can conduct assembly of semi-finished pieces to conduct quality checks of samples before proceeding with production of the entire order.


Machining on numerical control centres begins only after the completion an upstream process. This starts with order acceptance, and involves a series of steps before we carry out the machining itself. Our production managers ensure that every piece to be machined meets all the requirements and tolerances specified in the original order.


Aluminium has the highest reflective power

even more so than glass.

Recycling aluminium is worthwhile:

producing 1 kg of aluminium from recycled aluminium requires 1kW/h compared to 13-14Kw/h for production from virgin material.