Bar machining

For precision mechanics, or for totally customised projects. There are no limits to the machining processes our technical team can carry out using our machine pool.


We shape your order: countersinks, threads, bevel millings and every aspect your project requires.


We have three-axis, four-axis and five-axis machining centres – this ensures we can offer you outstanding versatility. We can manage machining sizes from 3 mm to 11 m, but we take it further: we conduct constant research into more complex solutions to ensure we meet changing market demands.

Production versatility and precision are our hallmarks.

How do we achieve this?
By working with great passion every single day: this is the key to ensuring a job of the highest quality.
This is affirmed by our customers and professionals who entrust us with the design and machining of extruded aluminium profiles of all kinds.

What does tomorrow have in store?
What we do every day:
creating new projects and solutions, delivered at highly competitive market prices, and with flexibility as our core strength.

– Davide Pignatti, Technical Department –


Our production process allows us to manage all orders – no matter how large or small – with the utmost respect for lead times.


Our streamlined organisation keeps processing times to a minimum, ensuring highly competitive delivery times.


Thanks to the wealth of experience of our specialist technicians, we can guarantee a perfect product, in line with the standards of the sector and meticulously monitored by our quality control team.

what you

Whether you have clear ideas about your requirements, or are still at the planning stage, we’re here to help you – put us to the test.



The most high profile buildings of the most beautiful European capitals feature Allumax components. Even the largest building is made up of modules and components – some larger, others smaller – all are essential to bring an architectural project to fruition.


Lightness, stability, strength: these features of aluminium are the most highly prized for lighting projects, whether traditional or state-of-the-art, including from a design point of view.


Internal components of hulls, bodies and outer decks: we have unrivalled expertise in manufacturing everything aluminium for the marine industry, thanks to the power of our machine pool and our twenty years of experience.
Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows

Times change – so do doors and windows. Since we first formed our company, we’ve been working in the building industry, developing ever-more effective methods to exploit aluminium’s versatility to meet the increasingly exacting acoustic and thermal insulation needs in this sector.

Your perfect partner
for aluminium

What makes us so sure? Because we’re a young, expert, and well-trained team with a thirst for learning more. Sometimes the right solution could be staring you in the face, but you just can’t see it.

Let us find it for you: contact us now and discover what we can do for you.

Times and Resources
from 3 mm to 11 m

We aim high,
to give you the best

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